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Bullet Check Smally The Chinese business culture is ancient and unique. For instance, sometimes “yes” may actually mean “no”. Also the Chinese have unique protocol in meetings and negotiations. And for successful business relationships you will always be concerned about "saving face".

Bullet Check Smally  It is always best to have a Chinese assistant when conducting business. Just finding reliable transportation to and from meetings can be quite an ordeal even for the most seasoned business traveler. We will provide you with an experienced, qualified and, most importantly, a dedicated and loyal business assistant. He or she will be devoted to making your stay, travel and business run smoothly and to your advantage.

Bullet Check Smally Our Western managers will ensure that  you get a great match to your needs and provide the necessary support so that your entire trip runs smoothly. 

small check bullet Simply contact us and send a completed Business/Travel form.
small check bulletWe will research our extensive database of resumes, send you a short-list of the most suitable assistants along with their standard resume and photos. 
small check bullet You can then interview by telephone, and make decision on which assistant you would like to reserve.
note - you only pay once you are satisfied and  have found a suitable match, there are no hidden charges.

Bullet Check Smally We can also provide a Western assistant from North America or Europe if you would prefer to deal directly with an expatriate who has much experience in China.

Bullet Check Smally WQS China Interpreters values you, our customer, and we value our assistants. Thus we do our best to offer high quality services at a better than market price while paying our employees better than the industry average. Please see our standard pricing below:


Standard Interpreter:

1-3 days

4-7 days

1 week +

Price per day ($ USD)




122nd Canton Fair Interpreters Special !!!

The 122nd Canton Fair October/November 2017 is a busy and important time for many businesspeople.

We will work hard as your interpreter and personal assistant so you can be sure to reach the best companies and get the best prices.

We have the best Interpreters, Assistants, Guides and Sourcing Agents with much experience at China fairs.